Tuesday, March 16, 2004

In Memoriam

We are reproducing the biographies of the victims of the Madrid bombings that La Vanguardia is running, since it's about the only thing we can do for the people who died. We will probably forget them soon, much as we protest now, but there are thousands of people who knew them who never will.

Felix Gonzalez Gago, military officer, 52, Alcala de Henares. Felix was a "subteniente" in the Air Force. He had been on a peacekeeping mission in Namibia and had also been at the Spanish Embassy in Chile during four years. He was married and had two sons of 11 and 9 years.

Marion Cintia Subervielle, receptionist, 30, Alcala de Henares. Marion was from France, from a small town near Pau. She had also lived for a time in the United States and in England. She and her Spanish husband had a ten-month-old daughter. She worked at the National Library, and often attended foreigners because of her perfect French and English as well as Spanish. Marion died at Santa Eugenia.

Maria Luisa Polo Remartinez, library worker, 50, Alcobendas. Maria Luisa worked as an assistant at the National Library. She had worked several different jobs in her life; she was married with a 19-year-old daughter. Maria Luisa had a twin sister. Her family didn't fear for her safety at first because she usually took the bus. Thursday she took the train.

Maria Fernandez del Amo, student, 26, Azuqueca de Henares. Maria was in her last year as a student of industrial engineering at the Polytechnic. She had recently bought an apartment and planned to get married. She sang in a choir and was strongly religious. Maria's friends had to charter a bus to get all of them to her funeral.

Francisco Javier Mancebo, auditor, 38, El Pozo. Francisco was on the train that blew up at El Pozo with his son, who survived but with burns over 12% of his body. Francisco Javier was known for his athletic ability; he still played basketball twice a week despite the fact he had a pacemaker. He was a major fan of the Estudiantes basketball team and of Real Madrid in soccer. Francisco Javier was tall and well-built, as fits a basketball player. He was also a hot amateur guitar player; he once tried out for a place in the well-known pop-rock group Los Enemigos. He had a law degree and worked as an auditor for the courts. He leaves his wife, son, and daughter.

Livia Bogdan, cleaner, 27, Coslada, and Juan Munoz Lara, Coslada. Livia arrived in Spain two years ago from her native Romania along with her twin sister; they were following their father, who had come here several years before. She was a very attractive woman, with long dark hair and a rather exotic appearance. On the evening of Wednesday the 10th, Livia and Juan (her boyfriend of four months) brought home some seafood and wine in order to enjoy a first-class dinner. Juan spent the night and the two caught the 7:10 train together that next morning.

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