Thursday, March 11, 2004

TV 3 is reporting fifty dead at Atocha. The explosions at the Santa Eugenia and El Pozo commuter stations east and northeast of downtown, respectively, also caused fatalities. The bombs were set to go off at rush hour and kill as many people as possible. Field hospitals have been set up outside each of the three stations. They have the first film images from outside Atocha and there are a good few walking wounded being attended to while more seriously injured people are being taken away by ambulance. One correspondent has seen the train that exploded at Atocha; it was a train of a locomotive and four cars. The last three passenger cars were completely destroyed and there were bodies on the tracks. There is at the very least a rumor that there is a carbomb set outside Atocha to go off in the middle of the chaos.

Our greatest sympathies toward and condolences for the people of Madrid. We will never forget this morning. Now all there is to do is let the emergency workers and police and doctors do their jobs.

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