Thursday, March 18, 2004

Libertad Digital, the Spanish conservative news and politics website, has started up their own bitacora, which is Spanish for blog. Check it out if you can read Spanish.

From Front Page, here's Jamie Glasov interviewing Victor Davis Hanson on events in Spain and sundry other topics. Hanson says that recent events in Spain are the greatest chicken-livered surrender to the bad guys since the days of the Roman Empire, and he ought to know, since he's a professor of classics and an celebrated author on military history. Hanson is probably the only well-known American academic who also runs a family farm (which he inherited through several generations gone by).

Here's Ann Coulter, in an unusually good column. She's in an extremely bad mood about recent occurrences in Spain, and she sure has decided to let everyone within range know about it.

James Taranto from the Wall Street Journal links to a Rudyard Kipling poem that is, as Mr. Taranto says, apropos.

Here is Andrew Sullivan shredding an article from the Guardian on the New Republic's website. His last paragraph sums it up pretty well:

In Europe, there are no bad guys, even those who deliberately murdered almost 200 innocents and threaten to murder countless more. Ask yourself: If the Guardian cannot call these people "bad guys," then who qualifies? And if the leaders of democratic societies cannot qualify in this context as "good guys," then who qualifies? What we have here is complete moral nihilism in the face of unspeakable violence. Then we have the absurd canard that there is a "divide between Muslim and Christian communities." There is no such divide. There is a divide within Islam between a large majority and a small minority of theocratic, extremist mass-murderers, men and women who have killed Muslim, Christian, and Jew alike, young and old, and almost always innocent bystanders in free societies. That small minority has terrorized large populations, enslaved women, killed Jews and homosexuals, launched a war against Western civilians, taken over whole countries, and targeted individual writers and thinkers for murder. With them we need a dialogue? With them we need an unremitting, unrelenting, unapologetic war.

Here's Robert Lane Greene from the Economist writing in the New Republic on the same subject. And this is Fred Barnes from the Weekly Standard, writing on the most recent bombing in Baghdad (where he is currently).

Oh, yeah, if you're wondering why we didn't mention this one yet it's because it's bogus. The same bunch of jokers who claimed the blackout last year in the Northeast US and Canada, and the Spain bombings of last Thursday, have stated that they speak in the name of Al Qaeda and that due to Spain's cooperation in the recent elections Al Qaeda has declared a truce with Spain and will commit no more attentats here. The thing about these guys is that nobody knows anything about them and their claims are prima facie not credible. Still, this "story" got some media play this morning, so I thought I ought to mention it. Here's Fox News's story on this subject.

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