Sunday, March 14, 2004

The first exit polls are being reported by the various TV networks. TV 1, TV 3, and Antena 3 all have the Socialist Party as the winner of tonight's elections, while Tele 5 has the PP in front. TV 3's percentages are PSOE 41.4%--PP 36.9%, which the other networks except Tele 5 are also showing. Most of the polls have the PSOE with 154-158 seats and the PP with 150-154. Tele 5 has the PP in the 160s and the PSOE in the 140s. Turnout is extremely high and much of that extra turnout is clearly a protest vote against the government. It looks to me like the PP is going to lose a couple or three percentage points across the board to the Socialists compared to the 2000 elections, and Esquerra Republicana is apparently going to poll big and pull down 7 or so seats here in Catalonia. However, these are just exit polls and we'll see how things look when real results start coming in.

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